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Employment Liability

Defense Counsel for Companies Facing Employment-Related Liability Claims in Florida and Other States

Our clients, including insurance company clients, sometimes face wage, discrimination, FMLA, and other employment-related claims. Our attorneys handle these fact-intensive claims in all phases from the initial claim to the client, through EEOC investigations, mediation, and litigation.

For employers, facing allegations of discrimination, harassment, and other unlawful employment practices can present substantial risks, not only of financial liability, but also of reputational harm and a discontented workforce. Our employment liability practice seeks to resolve such claims expediently, with as minimal impact to our clients’ businesses as possible.

About Our Employment Liability Practice

At Paskert Divers Thompson, we are committed to protecting employers. We understand the substantial impacts that employees’ allegations can have on a business. Relying on decades of experience, our attorneys conduct comprehensive investigations and provide strategic representation in litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings with a focus on protecting our clients to the fullest extent possible.

We handle all types of employment liability matters on behalf of businesses, and have a proven record of success protecting companies, firms, financial institutions and governmental entities in employment-related matters. Our experience includes matters involving allegations of:

Our Services for Employers Facing Employment Liability Claims

When facing employee allegations, a prompt response is critical. Regardless of the veracity of an employee’s allegations, a comprehensive and well-documented response is essential for mitigating the employer’s risk of liability. We guide our clients through all stages of responding to allegations of discrimination, harassment, and other unlawful employment practices. Our expertise includes providing strategic advice and representation for:

Speak with an Attorney in Our Employment Liability Practice Group

If your business is facing employment-related allegations, or if you have questions about what your business can (and should) be doing to mitigate its risk of employment liability, we invite you to get in touch. Please call 813-229-3500 or contact us online today.

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