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We Have Decades of Experience Representing Governmental Entities Across Florida

Our attorneys have a long history representing local governmental interests throughout Florida, including cities, counties, school districts, and other independent governmental districts in their procurement, construction, commercial, and regulatory disputes.

Governmental entities have a mandate to serve their constituents and communities while making effective use of taxpayer funds. Understanding governmental entities’ constitutional, statutory, and regulatory obligations can be extraordinarily challenging. Our attorneys help government leaders make the right calls, and, when businesses or citizens challenge their decision-making or authority, we help those leaders target favorable resolutions in administrative litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

About Our Governmental Practice

Within our governmental practice, we represent municipalities, districts, and other clients in all legal matters, and  effectively serve as outside general counsel to many of our governmental clients. We routinely provide advice and representation to governmental clients in the following areas:

Procurement Matters

Governmental entities must strictly comply with a stringent set of rules when navigating  the procurement process, and even minor missteps can lead to unnecessary costs and delays, along with the potential for bid protests and other forms of litigation. We have extensive experience guiding governmental entities through the procurement process.

Construction Projects and Litigation

We also assist our governmental clients with all other aspects of construction projects in Florida. These can be significant and high-profile undertakings, so it is imperative that governmental entities get things right the first time. From planning and procurement, through breaking ground and opening the doors, our attorneys can assist step-by-step from inception through completion.

We also represent governmental entities on construction-related disputes and litigation. With large-scale construction projects, it is not uncommon for issues to arise along the way. While we strive to help our governmental clients steer clear of litigation in most cases, when litigation is unavoidable, we rely on our knowledge gained through decades of experience as litigators to represent our clients in court.

Commercial Litigation

Beyond construction-related litigation, we represent governmental entities in other types of commercial litigation as well. Our attorneys are available to assist with matters ranging from disputes with lessors to those involving data breaches and cybersecurity liability.

Employment Liability Matters

Like all employers, governmental entities face employment-related risks on a daily basis. Our attorneys represent public and private employers in all employment liability matters, including investigations, ADR, and litigation involving allegations of harassment, discrimination, and other prohibited employment practices.

Regulatory Disputes

We routinely represent governmental entities in regulatory disputes. This representation includes disputes involving business and professional regulations, environmental regulations, permitting, certificates of need (CONs), and all other types of regulatory matters impacting local businesses and residents.

Speak with an Attorney in Our Governmental Practice Group

If you are interested in engaging Paskert Divers Thompson to represent your governmental entity, we invite you to contact us for more information. Please call 813-229-3500 or contact us online to speak with an attorney in our Governmental Practice Group.

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